About Us

My name is Orlando , I have bachelor degree in Graphic Design & Media Arts. I've worked  for large and small companies alike. I've been an active supporter for Medical Marijuana & CBD product industry. COVID-19 (besides the many terrible things that happened and the loss of life) gave me a chance to explore more of my creative side. One day during a web search I was looking for a "Weed TShirts" but I noticed that my options were limited and I couldn't find an exclusive site that just sold "Weed TShirts"... I thought wow...., an the idea was born. So I've done my leg work and my research. I brought all the equipment on my credit card and went all in. As you browse this website just know I kept the Cannabis User in mind, So "Roll One" order a "Weed TShirt" for you and your partner or as a gift for that stoner friend. Stop by often as I'm constantly coming up with new designs.